Playlist for They Call Me Alexandra Gastone

Talking Book Cover Design

Top 10 Butt Kicking Females that Influenced Alexandra Gastone

Dream Movie Cast for They Call Me Alexandra Gastone

Book News for They Call Me Alexandra Gastone

Sharing the Awesome #7-Gloomy Sunday

Sharing the Awesome #6-Andy Goldsworthy

Sharing the Awesome #5-Sergei Polunin “Take Me to Church”

Spying 101-#4 Sexpionage

Spying 101-#3 Favorite Spy Show Poll

Spying 101-#2 Soviet Spy Training Towns

Spying 101-#1

Sharing the Awesome #4-Woot! Woot! It finally happened!

Sharing the Awesome #3-Slope

Sharing the Awesome #2-Idealbookshelf.com

Sharing the Awesome #1-Writing Spaces


2 thoughts on “Other

  1. T.A. –

    Congratulations on your new book THEY CALL ME ALEXANDRA GASTONE! Cool book cover!

    I was wondering if you’d be open to sharing the query letter that helped you get your agent/contract. I’m collecting successful query letters at querylettersuccess.com to help aspiring authors learn from the best and to pass on some free marketing love 🙂

    I’ll promote your author website, publishing company, agent, and a link to your author page on Amazon where people can buy your books. Your page would be similar to the one we did for NYT bestseller, Jennifer Nielsen:
    http://querylettersuccess.com/author/jennifernielsen. Hopefully you can help out some budding writers looking for their first break, build your platform, and gain some additional fans at the same time.

    If you are, please send your query letter, your author website, your author amazon link, and the name/links for your agent, agency, and publisher. Feel free to include any other cool tidbits that might draw attention to your query experience, like how many full or partial requests you might have received.



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